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Your farm is most likely the major investment in your life, whether your property is a small farm or a large commercial breeding or training establishment. As a horse owner, trainer, breeder or instructor, you have invested heavily in your business. Homeowner policies do not cover the legal liability associated with owning a farm, ranch or stable. They do not cover training, boarding, breeding, giving riding lessons, or buying and selling horses, which are considered business pursuits. That means an important part of your operation is not covered.

Albracht Harwood Insurance Agency Inc represents many excellent insurance companies who specialize in Farm and Ranch insurance for the horse owner. Our agents can custom-tailor a policy with one of our Companies that will fit your insurance needs.

Your policy can cover:

  1. Your home and its contents

  2. Farm structures

  3. Farm equipment and fixtures

  4. Motorized vehicles used to service the premises

  5. Portable structures and buildings

  6. Farm Personal Property

  7. Farm Personal Liability Exposures

  8. Liability coverages including exposures such as Instruction and/or Riding Lessons, Boarding, and Training

  9. Coverage of Care, Custody and Control of non-owned animals

  10. Rental Property and Multiple Locations

Your policy can offer the following advantages:

  1. Covers personal liability in the same manner as a homeowners policy

  2. Common expiration date for all coverages

  3. No dangerous gaps in coverages due to multiple policies

  4. No costly duplications in coverage associated with having separate policies

  5. Coverage for farm personal property such as tractors, tack and other farm equipment is available

  6. Liability exposures such as riding lessons, boarding, training, and sales may be covered

  7. Coverage of Care, Custody or Control of non-owned horses is available

  8. Public equine events, such as shows or clinics may be scheduled on the policy (subject to Company approval)

This is a just a brief description of the Farm/Ranch coverages offered. Based on underwriting requirements from each company not all coverages may be available. Please refer to your policy wording for complete details of coverages, conditions, and exclusions. Please call us to discuss what coverages best suit your need

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